CCK on the BBC

23 05 2012

Just in case you’re not big on acronyms…

CCK = Church of Christ the King
BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation

…and the former is on the latter this Sunday.

Church of Christ the King is a great church in Brighton, and is part of Newfrontiers, the same network to which the church I attend belongs. This Sunday, 27 May, they are hosting BBC Pentecost Praise, which will be broadcast live on BBC1.

This really should be a great service. If you’re not a churchgoer and think that having any kind of religious service clogging up a considerable portion of your TV channels can only be a bad thing, I hope you will be pleasantly surprised. The show will be just under an hour long, and should be well worth watching. It starts at 10.00am on BBC1.

Sadly (?!) I’ll be sunning myself in Italy on Sunday so will miss it, but why not check it out and let me know how it was?

Eagerly Desire the Gifts…

6 09 2011

If you find yourself at a loose end today, check out part two of the series in response to Douglas Wilson: Eagerly Desire the Gifts, Especially that you may Write Scripture over at in which we look at whether prophecy and scripture writing are necessarily the same thing!

Read, cogitate and join the conversation!

On closed spigots and private spirits

2 09 2011

Should you feel so inclined, you can check out a new post of mine, uploaded today at entitled ‘On closed spigots and private spirits.‘ This is part one of three posts raising some questions on Douglas Wilson’s theology of Spiritual Gifts.

The website has got some good traffic these last few days, and an increasing number of people interacting through the comments. So why not give it a read, check out some of the previous articles, and join in the conversation!

Getting my junk together

31 08 2011

I have an annoying habit – which may well be on account of my gender – of leaving items such as keys, my wallet or loose change scattered in random parts of the house. I walk into the house, and tend to just put down the items on whatever flat space happens to be available at that part particular moment in time.

Having been irritated by this for quite some time, my wife has devised a simple but brilliant solution: a small rectangular plate, approximately 12x5cm, which resides permanently on the bookshelf. This is my space, and we have an agreement that all my random items are to be placed on this plate, and on this plate alone. Not every possession I own, of course, just those little things that I’m tempted to dump on windowsills and promptly forget about. And it works the other way round too; if I fail to put my keys there and instead place them in some unhelpful location, upon finding them, Helen relocates them to the plate. Thus my junk is confined to a 60cm² piece of porcelain.

In recent months I have been scattering thoughts in too many locations around the web – an article here, a blog post there – and I’ve tried not to duplicate material too much for fear of boring absolutely everyone at every juncture. But now even I’m losing track of what I’ve written and when, and so I think the time has come to put all my junk in one place.

So consider this blog something of a porcelain plate!

When I write articles elsewhere, I’ll link to them here as well. That way, everything I say, do and write is in one searchable location, and perhaps I’ll remember where I’ve left my thoughts, should I ever have need for them again.

And so I start with something published today… This is a talk I gave at Newday 2011 called God’s Plan to Change the World, which can be found at the Everything Conference website along with an interactive presentation, my first foray into the wonderful world of prezi.

It was a fun challenge to try to articulate something of the Everything concept to 14-18 year olds… you can be the judge of whether I succeeded! At least, if nothing else, it was amusing making everyone look as stupid as my sister did:


Serpents and Strawberries

24 06 2011

I have been a little slack at updating this thing, for which I apologise… but I haven’t been entirely lazy and unproductive. My efforts have been focussed elsewhere. So if, for some inexplicable reason, you miss my musings and would like to read something else I’ve written, you are in luck. Today two of my articles have gone live on other sites, so feel free to check them out:

The Seed, the Serpent and Chekhov’s Rifle (

Amazon, Google and the Strawberry-Cycle (

Darkness = …?

18 02 2011

A little shameless self-promotion to cover up for my inability to blog regularly… check out an article of mine just published on the Newfrontiers Theology Forum blog:

What they think matters?

19 01 2011

While you’re waiting for me to get my act together and actually write something in 2011 (though I am under no illusions anyone is actually waiting for such a thing) here’s another blog to stimulate the little grey cells:

The Newfrontiers Theology Forum has just launched a blog at This will include full length papers, and regular shorter articles from a range of contributors. I’m looking forward to hearing various thoughts from some of the brightest thinkers in our movement: inspirational posts, meaty articles that engage with current issues, book reviews, apologetics resources, ethical discourses… and the odd piece of satire apparently?! A christian answer to The Onion?! Who’d have thought it.

Get stuck in, enjoy it, comment, follow them on twitter

In the meantime, I might actually think about what I should witter on about here in 2011. Don’t hold your breath.