What’s your beef?

3 09 2011

Do you like nothing better than tucking into a hunk of cow? Do you like knowing where your cow has come from, what it’s been eating, and how it’s been treated? Do you like high quality meat at a bargain price? Then you need to join Cow Club!

Cow Club is a collaborative initiative to buy a whole mooing, 100% grass-fed Sussex bullock, which will then be divided up and delivered to your house on October 8th. These beasts won’t have been fattened up on grain, stuffing them full of Omega 6 and lessening the taste; just pure grass the way nature/God (depending on your religious inclination) intended it!

This is a great opportunity to buy amazing meat at a fraction of the price you’d normally pay to online meat companies. So if you live in London and fancy 5 or 10kg of beef, check out facebook.com/cowclub or @thecowclub and sign up!

And in the not too distant future, cow club may well expand to incorporate Southdown Lamb and Berkshire Pigs as well… For all your meaty needs!

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Elephant Café

25 07 2011

Brixton Village has fast become one of the coolest areas to hang out in South West London. With an eclectic vibe, a plethora of interesting places to eat, and the brilliant Federation Coffee, there is always something new to do and see in this fast-evolving little arcade. Each time I visit, I come away with a mental list of new places I need to try…

Our latest experience: Pakistani street food at Elephant Café.

This tiny little restaurant is a great find. Tables spill out onto the street, and the kitchen area is so close that it’s positively exhausting watching the chef’s head bob back and forth as he turns out dishes at breakneck speed, inches from his customers. We were very grateful to get a table on Thursday night, being a group of five out for a birthday meal.

The menu is short and succinct – no messing – which meant we got to try virtually everything between us. Samosas and Pakoras were a perfect way to start. Both the lamb and vegetarian options were equally good, packing just a little spice; enough to excite the taste buds, without killing those of a faint disposition. Then the main courses: a choice between curry and thalis. Most of us went for the thalis (and the poor guy who took one for the team, deciding to dissent from the common option, looked a little sad as ours arrived!) Lovely, simple, warmly spiced lamb mince curry, served with a punchy daal, rice, raita, salad and naan. The chicken was equally good, with a little more sauce than the lamb. There was plenty of food, and none of us left hungry.

The restaurant has no license, so we took our own drinks: a couple of bottles of wine helped the food go down nicely. And as if the great food and fun environment wasn’t enough, the price was a real surprise: a meal for five, excluding drinks, came to £42. A bargain!

We ended the evening with a stroll through the village, enjoying the bands playing in various aisles, and the colourful lanterns dangling overhead. The newly opened ice cream parlour beckoned to us, but our full stomachs resisted… An excuse to return in the not too distant future.