Turn the other chin?!

7 10 2011

This is possibly the oddest article I’ve read for quite some time: police in Ohio are hunting an Amish gang responsible for ‘hair cutting assaults’ – hacking off the hair and beards of rival Amish clans! It’s just inexplicably weird. You’ve really got to read it…

Too many things about it made me say ‘huh?

  • The idea of a violent Mennonite extremist is amusing in itself… Whatever happened to their ardent pacifism? Imagine the poor guy outside the houses, manning the get-away-horse-and-cart!
  • Wouldn’t it have been quicker and easier to have removed the hair with a beard-trimmer… oh no… not permitted, but still breaking and entering is ok?!
  • The guy overseeing the attacks wants to hair to be brought to him… why? Could it be, perhaps, that he is unable to grow an extravagant beard of his own, and so wants to supplement it with the stolen hair of others?
  • And then to top it all off, the ringleader’s name is Bishop Mullet!!

You couldn’t make up this stuff!




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