Simple Displeasures

16 09 2011

At the top of my blog I just spotted an option to ‘Report as Mature’ by which they clearly mean pornographic and therefore only for the eyes of over 18s.

I object to the word ‘mature’ being used to describe that which is pornographic. Mature is a good word. Well-aged cheese is mature. A fine whisky is mature. Being wise and responsible is mature. Pornography is not mature; in fact, arguably the very opposite. Yet somehow we seem to feel that using a word like ‘mature’ makes it less of a taboo and more socially acceptable. Or maybe it’s designed to make consumers feel justified in their actions? Like it’s a wise and respectable thing to partake in… A pastime for the discerning adult.

Actually, I don’t much like the term ‘adult’ either… Not in relation to pornography. As if to be adult means to be obsessed with sex! It is both possible to be adult and not to be enslaved by lust, and equally possible to be enslaved by lust, without being an adult. Let’s not use flattering rhetoric to make it seem like it’s respectable to watch pornography… “It’s what adults do!”

Same goes for so-called Gentlemen’s clubs. By all means, call them that if they’re genuinely clubs where Gentlemen hang out, but if they’re simply strip clubs that are trying to flatter their clients, then that annoys me.

And thus it makes my list of things I don’t like. Just in case you wanted to know…


ps. I give it about 20 minutes between the publication of this post, and someone hitting that button.




One response

17 09 2011
Karen Thatcher

I love that this is just thoughts tumbling out of your head… Absolutely love it.

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