What’s your beef?

3 09 2011

Do you like nothing better than tucking into a hunk of cow? Do you like knowing where your cow has come from, what it’s been eating, and how it’s been treated? Do you like high quality meat at a bargain price? Then you need to join Cow Club!

Cow Club is a collaborative initiative to buy a whole mooing, 100% grass-fed Sussex bullock, which will then be divided up and delivered to your house on October 8th. These beasts won’t have been fattened up on grain, stuffing them full of Omega 6 and lessening the taste; just pure grass the way nature/God (depending on your religious inclination) intended it!

This is a great opportunity to buy amazing meat at a fraction of the price you’d normally pay to online meat companies. So if you live in London and fancy 5 or 10kg of beef, check out facebook.com/cowclub or @thecowclub and sign up!

And in the not too distant future, cow club may well expand to incorporate Southdown Lamb and Berkshire Pigs as well… For all your meaty needs!

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4 responses

3 09 2011

So what you going to create out of your hunk of beef?

3 09 2011

Hmm… Should I get a nice bit of fillet, I’d really like to make a beef wellington! I’ve made mini ones in the past, but never done a full on whole one… Also tempted to try making carpaccio! Love a good bit of raw cow!

4 09 2011
Karen Thatcher

When you make Beef Wellington… I’ve never tried it, so i’d like to. As long as you’re making it with mushrooms and not pate…?

4 09 2011

I’m not sure you’d appreciate it… You don’t much like beef right? And I’d make it rare and bloody. Though you’d definitely prefer it to carpaccio!

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