Thank you Mr Zacharias…

20 07 2011

As if to justify my slightly obsessive approach to reading, I share a quote I came across just this morning:

‘There are books on happiness by the score, how to succeed in a variety of ways. Stop. Ponder. Reason. Is your own reading shallow or deep? The wonder that you will find in the shallow end can only be for a child. Swimming in the deep is for the mature.’
(Ravi Zacharias – Recapture the Wonder, p151)




2 responses

21 07 2011

The words ‘stop’ and ‘digging’ spring to mind…!
Do you ever wonder how many more books you could read if you didn’t spend so long cataloguing and pie-charting them…?

21 07 2011

It’s not about reading as many books as possible, Jennie, it’s about reading the right books! 😉

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