Brand on Dawkins

14 04 2011

This morning i enjoyed reading an article in the New Statesman by Russell Brand entitled ‘Why Richard Dawkins is the best argument for the existence of God.’

Leaving aside the transcendental meditation stuff, it’s worth a read. It’s typical Brand: verbose, sesquipedalian, witty, not thoroughly watertight, but amusing nonetheless. Enjoy!




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14 04 2011

Liam Thatcher: improving the nation’s vocabulary one ironic, six-syllable word at a time…!

14 04 2011

It’s a great word. Though I’ve always been amused by a related word: Sesquipedalophobia which means the fear of long words. Nine syllables! Imagine the poor guy who goes to the Doctor only to be diagnosed with sesquipedalophobia – he’d freak out at the very term!

18 04 2011

Indeed. It’s one of those cruel quirks of linguistics like the fact that ‘dyslexia’ is such a hard word to spell.

14 04 2011

I enjoyed the article and understood it. Had to look up your big word, though and I’m an English Teacher.

17 04 2011

It’s the only word I know that’s over three syllables, and I’ve never had occasion to use it before! 😉

15 04 2011
Dan Rodger

Funny article, thanks for bringing that to light! Deffo would have missed my radar 😛

16 04 2011
Jez Bayes

Is it too late to squeeze RB into the Apologetics strand at Brighton?

(NB: Russell Brand …………………………………………………………………….. not Rob Bell!)

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