What they think matters?

19 01 2011

While you’re waiting for me to get my act together and actually write something in 2011 (though I am under no illusions anyone is actually waiting for such a thing) here’s another blog to stimulate the little grey cells:

The Newfrontiers Theology Forum has just launched a blog at www.whatyouthinkmatters.org. This will include full length papers, and regular shorter articles from a range of contributors. I’m looking forward to hearing various thoughts from some of the brightest thinkers in our movement: inspirational posts, meaty articles that engage with current issues, book reviews, apologetics resources, ethical discourses… and the odd piece of satire apparently?! A christian answer to The Onion?! Who’d have thought it.

Get stuck in, enjoy it, comment, follow them on twitter

In the meantime, I might actually think about what I should witter on about here in 2011. Don’t hold your breath.




4 responses

20 01 2011
Phil Whittall

Hi Liam
I’d be delighted and surprised if What you think matters gets anywhere close to The Onion. In the meantime have you tried http://larknews.com/current-issue/ ?

25 01 2011

Oh no… I can’t handle more satire. What with the Onion and Newsbiscuit, I’ve started to get confused whether I’ve read things on genuine news sites, or satirical ones! That’s gonna get me into trouble one day!

25 01 2011
Dan Rodger

Cheers for the link the new website/blog looks good although I thought there may be more interactions as comments don’t seem to stay visible which is a shame.

25 01 2011

The comments all appear to be visible as far as I can see. I think they may be moderated, so don’t appear instantly.

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