A God is for life, not just for Christmas

24 12 2010

The Christmas wars are in full swing.

Saint Knick - by Joriel "Joz" Jimenez

Scientists now claim that Christmas trees are offensive to people who are not Christians. Well that’s a new one… An object utterly unrelated to the true Christmas story now offends non-Christians. (To be honest, I find Christmas trees and gaudy decorations offensive, but for aesthetic rather than theological reasons.) Strangely I haven’t heard anybody claim offense at seeing Santa plastered everywhere, on Coke adverts, in luminescent form stuck on someone’s roof, or by way of dubiously dressed imitations in shopping centres (the majority of which, I fear, flout CRB laws with  aplomb). I can’t think why… perhaps because Santa gives legitimacy and permission to our craving for materialism?

And on the opposite side of the war, we see the seasonal billboards adorning Church buildings up and down the country, reminding people that Jesus is the meaning of Christmas. At least these have the unifying effect of making both Christians and Atheists alike cringe and consider emigrating.

‘Jesus came to sleigh your sin’

‘There’s snow way to the Father, except through him’

Ok – so I made those up… but you catch my drift.

It’s all well and good. I lament the removal of Christ from Christmas. I applaud the motives behind the billboards, even though I cringe at the design. (There seriously ought to be a Quango in charge of ensuring that comic sans is removed from all public use. If it weren’t for funding cuts…) But here’s my wish:

I wish Christians would care as much about reminding people to keep Christ in Easter as they do Christmas. And Pentecost for that matter. And each and every Sunday. And any celebration of nature, truth and beauty. And a dreary Tuesday in November when nothing of significance is in the national calendar.

As Abraham Kuyper said:

‘In the total expanse of human life there is not a single square inch of which the Christ, who alone is sovereign, does not declare, “That is mine!”’

Tree or no tree, Santa or no Santa, don’t forget Jesus this Christmas. But please remember too, a God is for life, not just for Christmas!




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