Everything for next to nothing!

27 10 2010

I hope by now you may have heard about the Everything Conference. If not, check out the website www.everythingconference.org You may even stumble across a particularly attractive photo or two of me covered in latex and makeup.

Taking as its text Psalm 24:1, ‘The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’, the conviction behind the conference is that everything matters to God, and Christians should be Salt and Light, influencing culture, wherever they find themselves.

The first conference was launched in March 2010 and was a great success. You can check out some of the talks and articles on the site, which will give you a good idea of what went on. But perhaps most excitingly, tickets for the 2011 event have just gone on sale. A limited number of tickets are available at the bargainous price of £15 – so the quicker you book, the cheaper it will be. Check it out and why not book in today?

The keynote speaker for 2011 will be Andy Crouch. Andy is the author of Culture Making, which has been a key book for people who are considering what it means to shape and influence culture. He’s a remarkably engaging speaker from the USA, and should be a great addition to the event.

So check out the site, enjoy the resources, book in… and while you’re at it, why not:




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