Blue Like Jazz – Saved!

7 10 2010

It appears I shall get my wish after all! Well… part 1 at least…

Part I

A few days ago I blogged about saving the film of Blue Like Jazz. In just 10 days, received donations from around 1700 people, amounting to over $125,000 – enough to get the film back on track.

Not only will the film now come into existence (which is a good thing in itself… because I would like to see it), but it will also be a significant first for the movie industry. As Donald Miller says –

It will be the first crowd-sourced theatrical release of its kind, and if the Kickstarter campaign goes over 200k (and some change), it will be the largest crowd-sourced project ever. It’s the kind of stuff that leads the national news.

So, with 18 days left to go, wouldn’t it be great to raise $200,000?

Part II

At present, I’ve not yet received any emails phone calls telling me that somebody is donating their ‘meal with Don and Steve’ incentive to me. Perhaps you missed that part of my blog post? Maybe you stopped at the end of paragraph one, and immediately went to give without reading on. In which case, please go back, read it again, and rectify the situation.

I understand, maybe you’re wanting to wait and surprise me with it as a Christmas gift – very sweet, but I don’t much like surprises. I’d rather you just told me right now. And if you’re yet to donate, tell you what, why not club together with some mates and multiply your giving… It only takes you and 2,999 of your friends to give a dollar each to make me a happy young man.

I tell you what – it works for the X-Factor, I might as well give it a go. Put on some cheesy music and watch this slideshow. If that doesn’t convince you, you’re more  hard hearted than a rock!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

p.s – please note, my tongue is firmly in my cheek…




One response

1 03 2012
Daniel Lehn

I’m stoked for this movie!!!

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