Save Blue Like Jazz

28 09 2010

I liked the book Blue Like Jazz. I would like to see a film of it. Alas, that is unlikely to happen. Unless you take pity on me and, for my viewing pleasure, donate some money.

Oh, and look at all the cool stuff you can get for donating. Here’s a great idea: why not give some money towards production, and then list me as the person who you would like to receive your ‘incentive’? That would be very kind.

I’d quite like the meal with Don, or book reading. Not fussed about skyping with Steve, so don’t waste your money. Use it wisely.

I thank you in advance for my gift, and look forward to watching the film with you one day.




2 responses

2 10 2010
Jeff Goins

Thanks for getting the word out, Liam!

7 10 2010
Blue Like Jazz – Saved! « Liam's Blog

[…] at the end of paragraph one, and immediately went to give without reading on. In which case, please go back, read it again, and rectify the […]

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