An ode to Eutychus

7 09 2010

I was feeling whimsical… so, an ode to Eutychus, based on Acts 20:7-12… With a glossary of terms!

An Ode to Eutychus (07/09/10)

Through the night St Paul orated.
Eutychus, he hibernated.
Thus he got defenestrated,
Hit the ground; absquatulated!

All the crowd vociferated.
Paul felt quite incriminated.
Earnestly he supplicated,
’til he was reanimated


Glossary of Terms:

Defenestrate – To be thrown from a window
Absquatulate – To depart in a hurry; to die
Vociferate – To exclaim vehemently
Supplicate – To earnestly pray



3 responses

7 09 2010
Mark Heath

This is wonderful. And in long meter too. Christian Hymns offers a generous selection of possible tunes to sing this to. I’ve been working my way through them trying to find which works best with your powerful and moving lyrics.

7 09 2010

Mark – I fully expect to hear a recording of you singing this once you’ve found a suitable tune! I’m considering doing this for the whole of the book of Acts and creating an operetta in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan 😉

8 09 2010
The Eutychus Song

[…] Thatcher recently posted a poem on his blog entitled “Ode to Eutychus”. I liked it so much that I began experimenting to see if I could put a tune to it. Inspiration […]

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