Reading Analysis (ii)

21 07 2010

Since I was asked… here’s the list of the books I’ve completed this year. Enjoy:

Beale G.K. The Temple and the Church’s Mission
Bell Rob Drops like Stars
Bell Rob Velvet Elvis
Blomberg Craig Neither Poverty nor Riches
Blumenthal Heston The Fat Duck Cookbook
Campbell Alexi Kaye Apologia
Camus Albert The Outsider
Carson D.A. Exegetical Fallacies
Carson D.A. How Long, O Lord?
Collins Francis The Language of God
Crouch Andy Culture Making
Eaton Michael Genesis 1-11
Esslin Martin The Theatre of the Absurd
Flew Anthony There is a God
Garnett Dameon Break Away
Green Michael I believe in Satan’s Downfall
Greene Graham Brighton Rock
Hague William William Wilberforce
Hays Richard The Moral Vision of the New Testament
Hays J. Daniel From Every People and nation
Ionesco Eugene The Chairs
King Stephen On Writing
Lewis C.S. The Problem of pain
Lindsay D. Michael Faith in the Halls of Power
Mamet David Glengarry Glen Ross
Marin Andrew Love is an Orientation
McGrath Alistair Doubts in Perspective
McGrath Alistair The Dawkins Delusion
Miller Donald Searching for God Knows What
Miller Donald A Million Miles in a Thousand Years
Nevin Norman C Should Christians Embrace Evolution
O’Brien Peter Ephesians
Obama Barack Dreams From My Father
Pawson David Defending Christian Zionism
Piper John The Supremacy of Christ in the Postmodern World
Pollock John The Billy Graham Story
Ravenhill Mark Over There
Rookmaaker H.R. Modern Art and the Death of a Culture
Sizer Stephen Zion’s Christian Soldiers
Stott John God’s New Society
Tharp Twyla The Creative Habit
Virgo Terry Does the Future Have a Church?
Wade Laura Posh
Wink Walter Naming the Powers
Wittgenstein Ludwig Philosophical Investigations
Yoder John Howard The Politics of Jesus



3 responses

21 07 2010
matthew Hosier

Interesting list Liam! What did you think of Yoder?!

22 07 2010

Absolutely fascinating, and on the whole quite compelling! The chapter on Rom 13 was especially interesting… Do you have any recommendations for an opposite perspective?

(btw – I palmed the Jesus & War seminar off on Simon Ash! It would have been fascinating, but I couldn’t make it on that day. Just as well really, it gives me more time to decide what I actually think, and I reckon he’ll do a great job.)

19 07 2011
Reading Analysis: 2010-2011 « Liam and Helen's Blog

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