A swimming pool full of footballs (ii)

9 07 2010

The answer is that 24,000 footballs, 24.5cm in width would fill a swimming pool (25m by 10m) 6 balls deep.

If you were at my seminar and want the slides as prompts to help you in discussions about Scripture, why not bookmark the following on your phone/laptop – a portable resource: bit.ly/mobiliseslides

And for those of you who didn’t get your questions answered, there is far more detail in this document: bit.ly/mobilisebible


Speaking at this seminar taught me a lot this year about myself… Maybe I’ll post some thoughts once I’ve had a chance to process them…




3 responses

9 07 2010
Mother Mukungu

Yes please dooo share when you’ve had more time.

Great blog Thatch

9 07 2010
Mark Heath

really good seminar notes, thanks for sharing. looking forward to hearing the mp3 of this one

10 07 2010

Hi Mark. Thanks for the feedback. Hope you enjoy the mp3! L

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