A swimming pool full of footballs…

6 07 2010

Sitting in a Starbucks in Brighton – The earth is vibrating quite unnervingly from the overly-vigorous workmen who are digging what seems like a totally arbitrary but enormously inconvenient hole outside the window. But alas, I’m not here to critique the road maintenance – I’m in the sunny seaside town for the Newfrontiers annual Leadership Conference: Together on a Mission.

This gathering is always a great chance to hear teaching from a range of people, to hear what is on the heart of the guys leading our movement and to connect with old and slightly less old friends. This will be the first time for a few years that I’ve not been involved in running any significant part of it – so a chance to enjoy it a bit more from a punter’s perspective.

No doubt there will be a plethora of live bloggers and exuberant tweeters trying to outdo each other at capturing every quotable phrase in less than 140 characters. So if you’re not there, check out #TOAM and #TOAM10 on Twitter to keep up to date. I’ve seen some of the preaching notes from the main sessions – so the cheeky part of me is tempted to tweet some key sentences seconds before they occur. I’ll baffle people with my prophetic tweeting! 😉

But anyway… If you’re there and find yourself at a loss on Thursday, why not come along to my seminar ‘For the Bible tells me so…’ and find out how many footballs fit in a swimming pool! A worthwhile use of anyone’s time…




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