Dealing with Doubts (ix)

1 07 2010

These final posts of the series are looking at 6 encouragements that Jesus offers to Thomas in dealing with his doubts.

4) Thomas didn’t even need to touch Jesus

In verse 27, Jesus says ‘Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side.’ And what does Thomas do? There is no indication he actually touches Jesus at all. He just answers ‘My Lord and My God!’ That was enough.

Only moments before, Thomas had been so adamant: ‘I will only believe if I touch the scars’ and yet when presented with the risen, scarred Jesus, he doesn’t even need to do that. His unbelief crumbles.

So often, when we are wallowing in doubt, it is easy to think we know exactly what we would need to be convinced out of it. I remember feeling miserable and doubt-ridden, presenting God with lists of my criteria thinking:

‘If you just do this and this… cause this sequence of events to occur… provide this bit of evidence, that’ll be enough to convince me.’

In the end, none of my lists got ticked off! But God knew what I needed: An encounter with Him that bypassed my criteria.

Was it wrong for me to seek evidence? No. Was it wrong for me to pray for revelation in specific areas? No. But what I’ve learnt is that when you are doubting, you are really not in the best position to know what will resolve your situation. Sometimes simply being in the presence of God is enough. God will do something unexpected, impossible to anticipate, and totally transform your situation.

Don’t prescribe to God the 12 steps of your recovery programme. Work diligently to find evidence, and wait on Him.




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