Dealing with Doubts (viii)

30 06 2010

These final posts of the series are looking at 6 encouragements that Jesus offers to Thomas in dealing with his doubts:

3) Jesus already knew what Thomas needed

Get this – Not only does Jesus provide Thomas with the evidence he needed, one look at his hands, bearing the nail marks, but he did it before Thomas even said a word!

Jesus didn’t walk in and say:

‘Thomas… why the puzzled look on your face? What can I do to convince you.

He already knew.

We have a God who knows us, who cares about us, who hears our pleas and cries in the night, who hears the deep questions we have even before they form on our lips. He knows what evidence you need, what will tip the balance to convince you and bring you back to Him.

We have a personal God who is for you. Take comfort.




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