Dealing with Doubts (iv)

22 06 2010

Over these few posts I am offering 10 thoughts on dealing with doubt; 4 temptations and 6 encouragements:

3) It’s tempting to become stubborn or superior

If you are anything like me, it can be so easy to become stubborn, to the point where you stop listening to the advice and evidence of others.

Imagine the conversations between Thomas and the disciples over the week since they saw the risen Jesus. No doubt the disciples spoke of little else but the resurrection. You can well imagine them explaining over and over what they’d seen and heard. They would have begun to reminisce about the many sayings Jesus had uttered about rising on the third day, rethinking them in a new light.

Yet Thomas remained unconvinced.

Don’t allow stubbornness to set in to the point where you actually stop listening to the advice and evidence you’re being offered.

If I’m 100% honest, I know there is something in me that likes to doubt and ask questions because it makes me feel superior to other people. In a sick and twisted kind of way, I like the idea that I can look down at others and think:

‘The reason you’re not asking these questions is probably because you’re not as ‘deep’ as I am. You don’t really think about your faith that much, where as I love to grapple with big questions. My doubts mean I’m a more rational, diligent, inquisitive Christian.’

Nonsense. But it’s just the kind of lie that my heart and mind so easily buys into! And there comes a point where really my doubts are no longer founded on questions or reason, but on a sheer desire to remain in the comfort of my stubborn superiority-complex.

Dealing with doubts can make you look down on other people. It can make you resist help and sound reason. Guard your heart against it. When you find yourself rejecting people’s advice too quickly, it may well be a sign you’re not really listening any more.




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